Air Conditioner Installation

Are you planning to install air conditioning equipment in your place of business? It is better to opt for a professional rather than leave the job to the first installer you find on the net. Commercial sites use heavy-duty split air conditioners whose blowers and compressors need to be installed properly to provide optimum cooling of the interior of the room in which they are set up. Apart from this, only a professional can determine the exact tonnage of AC required to chill the room properly without consuming too much power. Apart from conserving your power bills, professional air conditioner installers also have an idea about the different types of air conditioner models available in the market and will always suggest the best brand for your requirements. For your information, it is a wise idea to install the compressor units in a well-ventilated place and protect it from exposure to direct sunlight. The professional will also consider other factors when choosing an AC unit for your office. They will ask you about the number of people working in your office as well as the number of gadgets you plan to use in your office. It helps them determine the heat given off by people as well as equipment, and choose the tonnage of the AC unit accordingly.

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Other things that professionals check

The professional installer will also check the power drawn by the other equipment in your office. They will recommend you to apply for a higher wattage power connection if they believe that the existing meter in your office does not have the wattage required to provide additional power for the AC. They will also check the power supply outlet and make sure that it can withstand the wattage drawn by the cooling unit. If the unit needs to be installed in a place that is far away from the power supply point, they will change the power supply cable of the AC and replace it with a longer cord that has the same power supplying capability. The experts will also include a circuit breaker between the power supply point and the AC unit. It comes in handy in case there is an overload in the power supply. Typically, such a situation results in the cable catching fire. The circuit breaker trips the moment it detects an additional overload on the power supply. It prevents fire from breaking out as well as protects other electric gadgets in your office. Play safe and depend on a trustworthy company for installing air conditioning in your place of business.